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Electronic Security

Alarm Systems

Matrix Security Integration can design, supply and install a tailored alarm system for your specific requirements. If an alarm system has been designed and installed to it’s full potential it can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that when you arrive at your premises, whether that be your home or your business, you have confidence in knowing that if your alarm system has not been activated you can walk through that door knowing it’s safe to enter your premises and that no intruder has gained access into your property.

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CCTV Systems

Matrix Security Integration install large and small CCTV Systems. Depending on our clients exact requirements, we will design a tailored CCTV System, supply and then install the new system all with a minimum of fuss. Most of our CCTV Systems can be setup to be remotely viewed from just about anywhere in the world, as long as you have an active internet connection at the site that the CCTV System is installed and also on the smartphone, tablet or PC that your remotely viewing your system on, you will be able to stream live footage at your leisure.

Security Monitoring

Matrix Security Integration can organise the provision of security monitoring for your home or business, a locally owned and operated Tasmanian control room will be monitoring your alarm system 24/7, giving you peace of mind that you will be informed of any important activity in regards to your alarm system. If we have installed duress buttons as part of your alarm system, the control room can monitor both standard duress buttons and also medical duress buttons, depending on the type of duress button pressed the police or ambulance service will be called, giving you peace of mind in knowing that someone is on their way in a time of need.

CCTV System monitoring can also be provided upon request, depending on your exact requirements the CCTV System/Systems can either be constantly monitored or more commonly (when installed in conjunction with a monitored alarm system) for video verification purposes of an alarm system activation.

Assuming your budget permits, security monitoring is an add on service to your Alarm and/or CCTV Systems that is highly recommended by Matrix Security Integration.

Access Control Systems

Matrix Security Integration can supply and install a large range of client specific Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS). ECAS are becoming increasingly popular in regards to a truly flexible access control system. The tried and true mechanical option of access control – Master Key Systems – is not going anywhere soon and will at least somewhat always remain in the market, however EACS are quite often the system of choice in today’s ever changing security industry.

Contact us today to organise an onsite security survey, we can then recommend an access control solution that will fit in with your needs both now and into the future.

Home Automation

Matrix Security Integration have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a premium home automation solution. With the ever increasing amount of wireless products in the market place, the home automation industry is becoming more and more popular. These quite often economical wireless home automation products are giving most home owners an affordable way to introduce home automation into their homes. However, is all this wireless technology in our homes good for the health of our family? This is a topic that is certainly recommended to be researched by each and every home owner. Contrary to the market place direction of close to all home automation products being wireless, Matrix Security Integration believe that wherever possible it is generally best to install hardwired devices that provide greater reliability and performance.

Intercom Systems

Matrix Security Integration provide our clients with a range of intercom system solutions, whether it be a home owner who simply requires an intercom system to see and communicate with who has arrived at the front door, without actually needing to be at the front door, or a home or business owner that not only needs to view on the indoor station/viewing screen who has arrived at the premises but who also needs the convenience of being able to grant the visitor access via the press of a button, subsequently opening their automatic gate to allow access into the property. We can also design, supply and install large apartment complex intercom systems upon request.

Intercom Systems can be setup to be utilised even when you’re not at home, this is achieved by integrating your intercom system with your home network (an active internet connection is required) and then installing an app on your smartphone, subsequently providing you with the ability to view and talk to the visitor at your property and if you choose to allow them access into the property, the smartphone app can be used to trigger the intercom system to open your automatic gate.

Automatic Gates & Doors

Matrix Security Integration can organise the supply and installation of a range of automatic gates and doors. These automatic gates or doors are generally then integrated with an alarm or intercom system, which then enables streamlined and practical use of the automatic opening/closing device.

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